Dermatologist Acne Scar Treatment

learn about the healing process for the acnescar vitalizer with this image & video healing diary, so you can prepare for your recoveryand schedule your life better we’re also going to teach you how cleanso you can get results just like this person this is dr. young and we’re aesthetic facialbody plastic surgery from seattle bellevue washingtonthese next four images show a 20 something indian male from canada before receiving theacne scar vitalizer treatment notice the ice pick and box car scars in theseimages shown with flash, overhead light, no flashthe scars look different depending on lighting and the situation.

they are worse in overhead lighting as youprobably know here comes the healing diary for you to knowwhat to expect here is day 2 after the acne scar vitalizer. he’s doing great with the cleaning and thereis no significant crusting nor oozing here is an example of someone on day 2 thathas too much crusting. it’s important to take this off with constantcleaning. sometimes doing it every hour is needed. later we’ll show you a video on how to clean. here is day 3 for our feature patient.

the skin is a more red but the crusting isstill well controlled. importantly, our feature patient’s treatmentwas much more aggressive than the other patient but he appears to be healing a lot faster. here is day 3 for the other patient who usedtraditional approaches to cleaning 2-4 times a day. notice how our patient was able to be in abetter position with more frequent cleaning. our feature patient on day 4 is getting better. there is less redness and the crusting isstill under control. his frequent cleaning is paying offthis other patient has started to clean more

and is catching up. faster healing and less chance of infectionand scarring comes with more frequent cleaning like our feature patientday 5 for our feature patient. the redness is coming down more. the scars look like they are filling inday 5 for the traditionally managed patient. her redness looks more intense luckily thispatient was able to catch up and avoid infections and scarring. but her redness will be prolonged and shewill have a greater chance for hyperpigmentation day 6 for the feature patient.

his redness is a little better and the scarslook like they are on their way to becoming much more improved. on the same day, this patient seems to bemuch more red and irritated skipping to day 9 the skin is much less redexcept in the deeper scars that are filling in. there are areas that now seem to have normalpigment and no redness. on day 9 this patient had more redness allaround whereas the more aggressively treated feature patient has more redness in the deeplytreated scars and has almost normal pigment in other areas that have healednext we present a video on cleaning to help

you with your after carethis person was on day 2 after the acne scar vitalizer treatmentnotice that the skin looks pretty clean. if you look closer, however, you will finda thin layer starting to form here we show a still image demonstrating thelayer that we are about to remove with gentle cleaning in more of the video that will continueand here we are further removing the thin layer that keeps getting thicker as day 2to 4 emerge with the discomfort in cleaning, you willfeel like stopping. one thing to realize is that the more crustingthere is and the longer the crusting stays on, your pain will increase to an unmanageabledegree

being persistent and frequent with the cleaningis the key. we recommend you cleaning almost every hourduring the first few days. we also recommend waking up every 3 hourswhen you are sleeping to continue the cleaning to avoid the crusting taking over your healing. thank you for watching. call us to so we can help you with the acnescar vitalizer treatment!

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