Does Laser Acne Treatment Work

here we are in one of the rooms where we perform the magic ofintegrative laser medicine, and the procedure thatwe’re looking at today is an epidermal peel and regeneration. now, the very top layer, thesurface layer of our skin is the epidermis and ittoo has multiple layers within that layer. the very top layer of theepidermis is in fact, dead skin, which of course ladies know all about

because when you do your exfoliations, that’s what you’re trying to get off. the dead skin that makes you look dull. however, underneath that deadarea, or that dead layer, our live cells, the live cell layers, that the skin is naturally reproducing on about a 30-40 day cycle. new cells come up andpush the old cells off and by the way, most ofthe dust in your house

is all that dead skin coming off. however, who wants to wait 30 or 40 days for a new layer of skin? when you were a kid, you gotit in three to five days. so, the epidermal peelthat you’re about to see takes the dead layer off and stimulates the basal cells, whichare like the stem cells, at the bottom of the epithelium to reproduce very quickly en masse.

so, that a whole armyof new epithelial cells march to the surface in about three days and push the old epithelium off revealing a gorgeous, brand new, spankin’ brand new radiantnew layer of epithelial cells. now, when you watch the laser skin resurfacing procedure, you’ll see how the laseris moving, you know, all over the face. dr. pien is doing the procedure.

she’s incredibly, ohwow, she’s like an artist as she moves the different energies over the surface of the skin. it looks bizarre and exciting, but what you should know for sure is that it’s not painful at all. as you can see from the patient, they are talking through the procedure and they’re very comfortable.

the face, or the skin of the face, is completely numbed upbefore the laser skin resurfacing procedure, so you barely feel it at all, and afterwards, youjust look like you have a moderate sunburn andthat redness goes away in the two to three days,and then of course the peel takes three to five days,as i mentioned earlier. we have many women who comein once a month to do this, so that they can essentially,

physiologically stimulatewhat their body was doing when they were 10 years old.

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