Dr Miracle Acne Treatment

what can i dofor you today? i have these moles that area bit of concern to me. -okay.-they’re spreading, and they’re kind ofa hindrance. my clothes catch on them.-yes. -they itch, and they sting.-okay. and then, i’m also concerned,because at the back of my mind is that thoughtof skin cancer. okay. these are calledseborrheic keratoses.

have you everheard that before? i’ve never heardthat before, no. seborrheic keratoses,they are really common. a lot of people confuse themfor moles, and they’re not moles. they’re just growthsthat occur. the annoying thingis that they’re there, and then you keepgetting more, and so you sort offight the fight.

i mean, we have peoplecoming in here repeatedly, ’cause you take off someof them, and they get new ones. that’s just the cyclethat happens. pat has so many of theseseborrheic keratoses. it’s almost as ifshe has more of them than she has regular skin. usually, we can’t treatall of these in one session, but i think it’s definitelyworth a try. and the number of thesethat i can remove

is very dependenton her pain threshold. i would suggest getting the onesthat you can see most of the time.-exactly. exactly. dr. lee was able todefinitively say what it was, but the main thingis they’re treatable. and she recommendedthat we take some off today, which i’m on board with that. -i brought some ammunition.-i see. i’m two-fisted here.

this is the liquidnitrogen canister. i don’t know if you’veseen this before, but it spraysliquid nitrogen out. liquid nitrogenis really cold. it’s like 300 below.-mm-hmm. right. so, let me take a lookwith the light here, okay? i got my littlemagnifier here. yeah, you can seewhat’s called follicular plugs. there’s, like, all theselittle dots in some of them,

and they have thissort of pasted-on appearance, a waxy kind of look. this is very typicalfor seborrheic keratoses. they look like thatunder the microscope, too. you got these little plugs. okay.and over here. we’re going to start withthe liquid nitrogen here now. i’m going to start in the areasthat you have more confluent. you know, like, they’re kind ofalmost connected here.

pat: i’m a little nervousabout the procedure, because i know it’s goingto be extra, extra cold, and that will hurt a little bit, so i’m just going to beas positive and optimistic as i can. i brought two of them, ’causesometimes we use it so much that you can geta little frostbite on it, and i have todo it again. liquid nitrogen treatmentcan be pretty painful.

it is so cold that it burns. i know myself.i could probably only tolerate three or four s.k.s removedat one time. so, just turn your head this –away from here. okay. pat here has hundreds of them. let me see how many she’s goingto tolerate me treating. no pain, no gain. i’m going to use a littlecold spray here, okay? okay.

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