Effective Acne Treatment

fractional co2 lasers areone of my favorite lasers. what it does is that, thelaser is fractionated. now, you’re breaking those laser beam down to follicle small. so tiny, they’re alternatingthe treated area, untreated area, treated area, untreated. so the untreated areawill help the healing of the treated area. this allows healingtime to be much shorter.

fractional co2 laser is,to me, a jack of all trades. it does a lot of things. it’s a great laser to do a series of them. in the beginning, if you’venever had any laser work done, it really helps to get yourbody to generate collagen, tighten up the pores, resurface the skin, remove all the surface dead skin. it’s a progressive improvement; you need a series oftreatments to see results.

but many people, i getcalls after one treatment, excited that they already see results. it really depends on the patient. everyone’s skin is very different. even on the same patient, theirforehead and their cheeks, are very different kinds of skin. and skin around theeyes, they are very thin and they have a lot less collagen. those are the one that areharder to see changes right away.

especially the smiley lines. you will always have some, they will never 100% go away, but they will be softer. so, they will respond differently. then, after that, i wouldjust recommend to my patients, come once every six months, once a year, to do maintenance. the wonderful thingabout the fractional co2

is you can do it on any skin color. on fair skin, on medium skin,like myself, and darker skin. you just have to be very goodin assessing the patient’s skin first, before doing afull-on treatment on their face. when you are getting thefractional co2 laser treatment, we numb you first, withtopical anesthetic. so, by the time you go numb, what you are feeling is minimal, and the treatment itself isabout 15 or 20 minutes long,

so it’s not very long and afterwards, you’ll feel a littlemild sunburn sensation. the downtown forfractional co2 is minimum, depending on the setting, you can go as almost barelypinkish red to sunburned red. there’s no blood involved,there’s no oozing, and after that, you’repretty much back to normal, and you can definitely putsome makeup on the next day and definitely sunblock isvery important for the care.

you want to minimize sunexposure in the next few days, during the healing time.

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