Exposed Acne Treatment Scam

suzie: it’s up to the louisiana attorney general to decide whether to prosecute the officers on state criminal charges. a sinister e-mail is making the rounds inviting you to click on the documents will again when you do hackers steal your

content in e-mail history. peter daut is live outside of the governor’s office without warning. reporter: it’s unclear who’s behind the unusually sophisticated attack involving google docs but it could cause big problems for victims.

it looks like a real e-mail from a trusted friend inviting you to click on the google docs link but be careful, it’s a nasty trick. the latest phishing scam spread quickly across the internet. tonight they gain control of peoples e-mail histories and

contacts. this degree of sophistication is very clever. reporter: allen miles is the ceo of palestine. he said journalists and people connected to large companies are targets. potentially as a journalist

for anybody in a large company who have a lot of content so that helps the speed that this phishing attack of travel. reporter: while the malicious e-mail looks like a realm message from a contact is one key giveaway an e-mail with a lot of h’s and the recipient

field. it is disabled accounts associated with this phishing attack adding we have removed the pages that update save browsing and their abuse team is working to prevent this from happening again. the countermeasures are likely

to stop the spread of the phishing attacks but miles says the best way to protect yourself is with two-factor identification. if somebody wants to access your account there’s another step that they need to make to get to your account.

reporter: what do you do if you have fallen victim to the scam?

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