Facial Treatments For Acne Scars

amy is from canada works as an actress, modeland radio host here in korea. she wanted to improve her skin and came torenovo skin clinic to meet with dr. kim. the consultation and the skin test revealedthat the bb laser treatment would best suit amy’s needs. broad band light is the latest technologyin laser facial rejuvenation. bbl can be used to remove red spots and diffuseredness all the while making your skin more radiant. it can also be used to treat problems suchas acne, open pores; uneven skin tones and even eliminates wrinkles by stimulating collagengrowth.

this treatment has no downtime and is virtuallypainless. bb laser is ideal for getting a glowing complexion,lighten pigmentation/brown spot, stimulating collagen and minimizing pores. before the treatment can start, amy’s faceis cleansed and a topical anesthetic is applied. after about 20 minutes, the anesthetic creamis removed, and the treatment can begin. the doctor uses the bb laser to go over amy’sface. you can expect to have your skin turn slightlyred but not as much as with a fraxel laser which will leave your face very red for upto 1 week. the recovery is also very fast.

after 1-3 days your face shows no signs ofredness. it is very important wear sun cream after the treatmentand when you go outside while the face is still healing. as you can see, the treatment is painlessand fairly fast. once the bb laser has done its job, a healingmask will be applied using a mesh and prepared formula. after about 15 minutes, the healing mask isremoved, amy’s face is cleaned and a cooling mask is applied using strips. these steps ensure a faster recovery timeand make sure you don’t feel any after procedure

pain. the final step is to apply sun cream to amy’sskin for protection as before she leaves the clinic. it is important to wear sun cream each dayafter this procedure while your skin is healing. amy often appears on korean tv shows, movies,advertisements and more. she needs her skin to look flawless and amyand her friends come to renovo skin clinic to make this happen. if you would like a free consultation, contactrenovo skin clinic at the information on the screen if you found this video helpful, share itwith a friend and as always thanks for watching!

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