Feline Acne Treatment

let’s talk about managing your cat’s bladderinfection. a bladder infection is diagnosed at your veterinary clinic. once they’ve seena urinalysis and can determine if there’s an infection present, then generally antibioticsare going to be needed to treat them. there are a couple of important things to thinkabout when we are dealing with infections in cats, especially. when we are dealing withmales. male cats have a very small urethral orifice that they urinate from and males canactually block if they have an infection or inflammation of the bladder. blocking meansthey can not urinate, that is an absolute emergency. if they are squatting and yellingat the litter box and not able to produce any urine they need to see a veterinarianright away, because that’s an emergency situation.

at home essentially it comes down to usingantibiotics for bladder infections. there are some other things that you will use occasionallyfor pain because bladder infections are obviously very inflamed very irritating and painful.and most cats will do quite well. medicating cats can be challenging, but talk to yourveterinary office about how to do that and also look for a recurrence of bladder infectionsin the future.

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