For Acne Treatment

so today m sharing with uh my some of the experienced remedy by which uh vil not face such problems in future. pimples r normal skin conditions in which sebaceous glands become infected with bacteria and get inflamed . so m sharing 3 home remedies n uh can opt any one according to whose ingredients r available to uh. so lets strt with today’s home remedy: honey n cinnamon r killer combo for pimples now mix both the ingredients and make a paste of it. now before applying this clean ur skin n now apply this wherever uh have pimple n after 10 to 15 minutes leave this

n after 15 minutes wash ur face now for 2nd treatment, we need: now mix all the three ingredients in a bowl on ur clean face , apply this wherever uh r having pimples. n leave for 10 to 15 minutes . by doing this daily uh can get rid of ur pimples fastly for this uh need: now in a bowl mix both the ingredients for applying this firstly clean ur face ,

now apply this on ur pimples n leave it for 20 minutes wash it off with normal water. by doing these treatment daily, uh can get rid of the pimples fastly. if uh liked my video then dont forget to like n share ,, nd subscribe to my channel. vil meet uh in my next video till then t.c bbie.

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