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these here are my two favorite facial cleansers to treat my acne breakouts, so we are going to test them to see how effective the ingredients are to heal acne. i came across with a video about cosdna which is a website where you can check a product and it will rank each of its ingredients base on 3 categories how much acne a single ingredient can cause you how much irritation could cause in your skin

and the safety level which is rank from 1 to 9 one means this ingredient is low hazard in terms of skin damage, cells or human body. foam cleansers are best to use for oily to acne prone skin. i picked cerave foaming facial cleanser because it contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. what i like about these combination is that will treat acne inflammation and reduce blemish problems

without stripping or drying your skin afterwards. i think it is perfect for mature skin with adult acne. here are the results. it won’t cause you acne but one ingredient could cause you some irritation. in terms of safety is really sad to see that it has a high hazard ingredient in it which is a paraben and if you don’t know it’s associated to increase the risk of breast cancer and i don’t know guys i just don’t know what to tell you

i’m really disappointment and shock to see these results! era organics is a natural cleanser and it has aloe vera and manuka honey in it. manuka honey will kill any acne bacteria while aloe vera will heal acne and moisturize the skin. it has a ph level of 5.5 which is close to our natural skin ph and it’s free of paraben, hypoallergenic, sulfate and fragrance. this could be one of the best face cleanser for acne or pretty much

for any skin type. right here you can see it won’t cause you acne or any irritation and it’s really safe to be use. but the greatest thing that i did not know this one has some uv protection. because this is a natural face and body cleanser you can use it to treat back and chest acne too. i love charcoal and i was thinking of trying biore charcoal acne cleanser to use it for my breakouts and after seeing this results guys it’s really scary

it contains high numbers of potential ingredients can cause you acne and irritation. but i think the most scary part it’s that contains two toxic ingredients that you want to avoid in general for your health. which is sodium laureth sulfate and fragrance which is related to cause allergies, dermatitis and breakouts. thank you so much for watching if you have any thoughts about this topic let me know in the comments area and subscribe if you like

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