Free Acne Treatment Samples

hi everyone and welcome to skinmart. my name is susan. and today i’ll be talking to you about dermologica’sdaily microfoliant. now the beauty of the daily microfoliant forthose that love to exfoliate, is that you can use it daily. it is a rice bran based microfoliant containingbotanical extracts. it comes in a powder form, so when water isadded the phytic acid breaks out the rice and gives a smoothing and resurfacing effectwithout scratching the skin. it also contains salicylic acid which is fantasticfor clearing out any breakouts.

daily microfoliant addresses all skin types,especially oily and congested skin. with sensitive skin just remember to be gentlewhen your massaging and friction on the cheeks. also do not use if your skin is sunburnt,had a skin laser treatment or any facial waxing or being prescribed any acne medications. after double cleansing apply a small amount,like half a teaspoon ,into very wet hands and create a paste by rubbing your hands together. apply to your face neck and chest and allaround your hairline. massage in with circular movements avoidingyour eyes and lips and then remove with your sponges or a wet towel.

so your daily microfoliant works great withyour serums, moisturisers and makeup. so just a little tip if you’re short on timeyou can add your daily microfoliant into your cleanser, so simply add a small amount intoyour cleanser and massage with circular movements again avoiding your eye area and your lips. and it’s also great first thing in the morning,it really brightens your skin and gives you a perfect canvas for your makeup. so if you’d like to purchase the daily microfoliantor receive a free sample please go to our website and we’ll see youagain next time.

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