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hello. i’m virginia buchanan and i’m the headof the medical malpractice department at levin papantonio. for nearly 25 years i’ve beenhandling medical negligence claims. it’s work that i love and i have fine clients to representand help them through very difficult times. one of the things that occurs to me regularlyand always occurs to my clients is, why does malpractice happen? why does it keep happening?can’t anything be done about it? unfortunately, most of the time it’s because something hasalready happened that that issue is raised, but it is something that i think about andreflect upon as i prepare these cases and i deal with people who’ve had devastatingconsequences as a result of a medical procedure or other medical of the things that we know, that our landscape

has changed, that doctors are paid less moneyto see more patients. hospitals get less reimbursement to have patients on their floors, so theyhave less staff taking care of more people within the hospital walls. unfortunately,that’s a recipe for disaster. we also know there are a number of other factors.we have burnout; we have fatigue. it’s certainly not uncommon to have a medical resident onduty for 24 or more hours straight, dealing with highly complicated medical issues anda number of patients. it’s really no surprise that things would go wrong. it’s very tragic,but it’s certainly predictable that it would of the other things that i think people don’t realize, but it’s reported in the medicalliterature, that approximately 10 to 15% of

nurses are predicted to have substance abuseissues, whether alcohol, prescribed medication, or illegal drugs. again, it’s not surprisingthat someone who’s impaired would have a very difficult time taking care of patients.another problem that i see in my practice and i’ve seen it occur in numerous catastrophiclosses … we have nurses who are brought in from agencies who have no experience ona particular medical floor. they don’t know the hospital. they don’t know the medicationdispensing system. they don’t know where the equipment is. they don’t know the proceduresfor utilizing electronic medical records. sadly, an unqualified nurse can miss somethingthat can be life or death for a patient. this includes pediatric patients, adult patients,elderly patients, the people in our society

who are the most vulnerable, those who arecritically ill. so, assigning a qualified and competent, well-experiencedhealthcare provider who’s rested, who’s not impaired, is critical. it can make all thedifference to whether you have the outcome that you need, that you deserve when you trustyour life to a healthcare provider. we at levin papantonio try to find those things.if there’s a reason, if there’s an explanation, if there’s medical malpractice behind whatoccurred, we use the resources that we’ve garnered over the 50 years plus that the firmhas been in existence to try to find out those things, to try to help you understand whysomething very difficult, very unfair, and very devastating has happened in your life.if we can help you, please give us a call.

our malpractice department has multiple staffmembers and several attorneys on call at virtually any time of the day or night. our number is850-435-7023.

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