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anytime i have an opportunity or adecision that’s facing me in life it might be hard and i look at it and gothe right thing to do and i asked myself can i do it, should i do it, and that’s whatgot me here today i worked in the corporate world for 28years, they took me away from the people i love far too often, coming back to newnan, opening in my firm with the people that are close to me, it made life better, ourteam consists of people who care people who really want to make our clients’ lifebetter every day, from the day they have the accident, the insurance companieshave a team of lawyers working against it they need that stress relief, theyneed some on their side, they need

someone to talk to, they need a shoulderto lean on, when we go to present their case, we’ve listened enough that we knowhow it’s impacted their life this lady did a rolling stop and i looked up and there was her car, all i could do was close my eyes and scream, i can’t work, i can’t earnmoney what am i going to do this take care of all this, i knew i needed to dosomething next but i didn’t quite know what it’s not about me, it’s about treatingthem right, taking their stressful situation and making it better, i came uphere to michael’s office and he reassured me that he would do the besthe could for me and i knew he would i think everybody needs an attorney whowould be like that for them

michael life is a lot easier to just focus on getting well, you actually have a person that you’re talking to, they’re just normal people itwas all just easy because they do care you never quite realize how much stressjust one thing can put you under until it’s not there anymore we will go wherever our clients need usto go, we do what it takes to make sure they know we’re going to make their lifebetter, here at the law office of michael west we will put you first, we willget your interests ahead of ours and we will fight for you every day

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