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at 10 and 11. we begin tonight with breaking news from agawam where two police officers will return to work after being fired for an alleged use of force incident. 22news reporter david mckay was at today’s hearing and joins us

now with what happened. by announcement of the town of agawam, officer edward connor and sgt. anthony grasso will be returned to work with the agawam police department effective immediately and will full back

pay. agawam announced, however, that sgt. anthony grasso would be demoted and returned as a police officer, not as a supervisor. sgt. grasso will now appeal his demotion. three agawam police officers who

were fired after an alleged use of force incident continued their fight to get their jobs back today. those officers testified at a conclusionary hearing today at the state office building on dwight

street in springfield. the video you see right now is video of that alleged excessive use of force incident that happened last june. the officers attorney john connor told 22news under the policies

and procedures, the use of the force was authorized… he said they may disagree with that, but that doesn’t mean that these officer didn’t act in accordance with the policies and their training. 22news found officers can use defensive tactics including

baton strikes, hits from a stun gun, or deploying of police dogs, if the suspect is abusive towards the officers. agawam police chief gillis told 22news he stands by the decision to fire those officers.

he said the use of force has to be proportional to the threat. the chief said it also had to do with the statements they made after the incident. connor also responded to the announcement today that the fbi has launched a probe of the

a fourth day of hearing has been scheduled for february 14th

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