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you just found out someone wants to take yourdeposition in a lawsuit and you’re wondering where can my deposition be taken. how far am i gonna have to travel to givetestimony? hi, i’m frank nunes. i’m a civil law trial attorney practicinglaw in the state of california. join me as we answer this question for you. in california, where a natural person’s depositioncan be taken is determined by whether that person is a party or not a party to the lawsuit. if somebody is a party and a natural person,such as an individual, the deposition must

be taken within 75 miles of that person’sresidence or within a 150 miles of your residence in that county, which the lawsuit is filed. there’s a different rule for what they callnon-natural parties or persons. in other words, a corporate entity, a limitedliability company, a professional corporation, something where one person doesn’t embodythe whole corporation in and of themselves. these rules on limitations for travel applyto natural persons, either parties or non parties to the deposition. the rules on where a non natural parties depositioncan be taken are completely different than those of natural parties either to a caseor not to a case.

well, that’s it for today’s video on whereyour deposition can be taken. by the way, if you found this informationuseful, subscribe to our youtube channel. why? so you can continue to get great new contentevery time we post another great educational video. and, if you have questions, i want you topick up the phone and call me. i can answer your questions. i answer questions like this all the time. you can reach me at 559-436-0850.

i’m frank nunes and thanks for watching.

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