Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

other suspects.. also charged in connection to that armed robbery. tonight a local lawyer is facing fraud charges. north charleston lawyer david collins bonded out of jail yesterday. today we sent ashley to speak

with the man who say they trusted collins with hundreds of thousands of dollars. she is live from the alert center with more. what did you find out? reporter: joe walters and his business partner provide low income housing to families

in north charleston. they say they gave collins $450,000 to settle a lawsuit but they say he spent it instead. walters said they realized something was wrong after months of no results and a lot of excuses from collins.

the business partners told collins to show them the celtlment papers or return the money. they gave detectives audio and video surveillance of collins saying he didn’t have the money anymore. told walters said there is a

bigger issue with this type of fraud. there is a lot of great attorneys out there. especially the ones that helped us. however, in the state of south carolina attorneys don’t have to be bonded, they don’t have

to carry malpractice insurance, they count have to carry admissions insurance and they are not obligated to disclose that to their clients. really, every citizen is at risk unless they ask those questions. they should.

reporter: i called the number listed for david collins office. the woman who answered said that their company answered the phone for his practice and that he left their building months ago.

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