New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

the number one concern of people who cometo see me after an auto accident is who’s going to pay the medical bills. most peoplethink that if the other driver is completely at fault for the accident, that driver’s insurancecompany should be paying the medical bills. that’s not true in new jersey. under new jerseystatutes, your own insurance company has to pay your medical bills, and believe me, sometimesgetting your insurance company to pay the medical bills is not easy at all. that’s whyyou should come and talk to me about — not about the — only about the accident, butabout how to get the medical bills paid as well. the important thing about being representedby an attorney is to understand what’s going

on. what i can guarantee you is that thingswill be explained to you in everyday language that you’ll understand, and we will go overit and we’ll talk about it until we’re on the same page. i need you to understand whati’m doing and why i’m doing it so that you’re satisfied with the result.

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