New Orleans Accident Lawyer

injuries from an 18-wheeler accident not only changes our clients life but the lives of those around that person and it can lead a lot of times to personal frustration between spouses because one person becomes so dependent on the other and the other person can only take it for so long one of the things that we see in court many times is the defense that a spouse should not be compensated for taking care of that person because they got on the altar and said for better for worse till death do we part but it’s a little different when a person cannot handle their basic activities of daily living and while any spouse is happy to assist their loved one. there’s only so many hours in the day it’s so much that they can handle before it becomes a huge stressor in an 18-wheeler

accident time is of the essence when it comes to hiring an attorney to handle your case because the trucking industry they have these accidents all the time and so they’ve developed a particular expertise in making it look as though the other person were at fault many factors have to be investigated such as how the crash occurred we have to make sure from a forensic standpoint that we can prove liability we have to look at whether or not that truck driver has been driving for too many hours compared to what’s allowed by law truck drivers get paid by the mile or by the load so they have a vested interest in driving either too fast or for too long so we get fatigued drivers that we have to look into whether or not they’re taking any stimulants whether or not a drug test was administered after the crash by their employer, which is supposed to be done so that’s just a handful of factors that go into analyzing an 18-wheeler accident

experience is essential in handling an 18-wheeler case because the truck drivers are so well-trained to hide information and responsibilities i’ve been hailing 18-wheeler cases since 1994

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