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criminal process in nevada whenyou’ve been arrested in las vegas whether you’re guilty or not your heartstops, you breathing disappears those powers between time cups are placed on your wrist into thetime you make bail for release can be seen with theloneliest scariest times in your life especially if it’s your first time it’snever comforting to be in a situation where you don’t know what the futureholds people you’ve never met have your future in their hands when youtake those first steps into the core

system it helps to have a friend in eighteenwho has been there countless times a team they can pointout the pitfalls and the mine fields before you take thatnext step lv criminal defense has crossed that threshold many times we are familiar with the unfamiliar, weknow the system and its procedures because if ourfamiliarity with the judicial system we can represent you you go through oneof life’s most dont moments you have a resourcethat is dedicated to helping you realize

the best possible outcome in your case contact us at lv criminal defense400 s 7th st #401 las vegas, nv 89101702-623-6362

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