Non Profit Lawyer

wisconsin’s new statute chapter 204 thatdeals with public benefit corporations or benefit corporations which isa new entity type in wisconsin a public benefit corporation is a for-profitcorporation that has a stated purpose of achieving some sort of public materialimpact on some sort of public benefit or stated public benefit goal thataffects society and the environment benefit corporations are not nonprofits they are for-profit organizations but they intend to blendprofit to purpose so they just don’t only want to make money but theyalso want to do some sort of social good the benefit is really important becausesometimes the company’s espouse or a

public benefit may be in contention withits profit purposes now i’m in an area of law corporate law which has beendoused in shareholder primacy where regular corporate directorsunderstand that their job is to make as much money as they possibly can for theshareholder in situations where that doesn’t happen because they are pursuinga stated public benefit good they have some protections and some liabilityprotections we’re bringing into the statutes for them a classic there’s anybusiness model that kind of puts profit and purpose on a collision path whilestill trying to have them be maintained it’s usuallya good sign to explore benefit

corporations and i think byunderstanding these different business models attorneys could really add anadditional value to their clients in helping to make thattransition or make that decision to become a benefit corporation

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