Nyc Car Accident Lawyer

oftentimes clients call me and they ask, who is responsible? who is liable for my injury? i fell on a sidewalk and i got injured. there was a hole, there was a mis-leveling, one of the sidewalks flags was higher than the other one. well, under administrative code 7-210 the landlord of the property is responsible for a defective public sidewalk that adjoins their property.

that means that if i have a house, i’m responsible for the sidewalk in front of my house and to the side of my house if it’s a corner house. so the only exception in new york city in the five boroughs which include brooklyn, queens, staten island, the bronx and manhattan. the only exception is one, two or three family houses that are occupied by the owner. that’s the exception. meaning if somebody falls in front of one of those houses,

then they would sue the city of new york. but any other house such as an apartment building, any kind of commercial enterprise, any kind of business or even a property that has like a three families and some kind of a business like an accounting office, a medical office, anything commercial whatsoever, you would sue the landlord and the landlord is responsible for defective conditions on that sidewalk.

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