Nyc Traffic Lawyer

pounds of materials. is expected to arrive at the station on saturday. new details on a new traffic ticket app that promises to save you time and money. it was launched in south florida and it quickly became a

sensation. not everybody loved it. traffic ticket founder of ticket clinic is time to get a shutdown. it changed how you get tickets. a new service which and — recently launched how you’d pay

for your traffic tickets. we reached the point of serving hundreds of customers. six founders say the app is straightforward. up ledger ticket into your app and pay the fee. in the background you can refer your ticket to a lawyer.

what they pass up front is all you ever pay. since february it has launched an 18 florida counties with plans for more. the last weekend the service temporarily went down. was a coordinated effort by mark gold personally.

they tried to remove it from the marketplace. got a traffic ticket don’t pay it. mark gold could be considered the godfather of traffic tickets. he was a pioneer of the traffic court with his ticket clinic over the past two decades his

firm says they’ve handled 3 million cases. goldenseal a person who has complained about it. it’s taking business away. it’s difficult and i understand why they would be concerned. we absolutely anticipated some

sort of response but all we ask for is a competitive response. things got messy quickly they are calling attorneys threatening to have them disbarred. their attorneys quit forcing be out to shut down. all take once the purpose of

our lawsuit is to have a level playing field. meanwhile gold is not hitting on the sidelines he sent a draft of his own lawsuit saying riley’s quote illegally operating a law firm. he goes on to allege they are making false and deceptive

claims. gold declined an interview. riley told us he welcomed the firm. it’s not a law firm and it doesn’t offer legal services. it’s a sweep of services designed to make the process of dealing with your traffic

ticket simpler and cheaper. it’s back up and running and moving forward we did contact the florida bar regarding the

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