Oklahoma Lawyer

live with how this could help another group fighting the turnpike. patty: we can tell you that many of the people that live along the proposed route were already getting letters with offers to buy their land, but this week, everything is on hold.

>> it has bought us a little time. patty: he with victims of eminent domain says the lawsuit is helping them with their own legal fight. >> we have raise money, we have a law firm that is skilled in property law.

patty: they are exploring the possibility of joining the lawsuit filed by jerry fence. >> he has thought ota is a corrupt organization for many, many years and he has attacked them from a variety of legal angles over the years. patty: ota spokesperson says

environmental studies, land surveys and even negotiations are already underway have been stopped. >> we are not doing any work on any of the projects right now because of the possible litigation.

we want to litigation to be settled in court before we continue for obvious reasons. patty: property owner harold manual says the lawsuit will stall the project but the ota will likely win. >> i hope we can do something about it.

>> going to get at this to our last breath. patty: we can tell you that there is a supreme court hearing on this case in late september. it is at that point where we

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