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have you recently been arrested for dui intampa bay? if so, you should carefully consider which law firm you hire to represent you.there is a difference between dui lawyers and dui law firms. hello, i’m david katzwith the law offices of katz and phillips. i’m one of only three board certified duidefense experts in florida and the only one with offices in tampa bay serving all of hillsborocounty. our team of dedicated dui defense attorneys will fight for you to protect yourrights. we use a team approach in handling dui cases so you get the benefit of the experienceof multiple lawyers. we’ve found that this team approach achieves the best possible resultsfor our clients. further, our attorneys frequently speak at local and national dui seminars wherewe lecture to other attorneys and teach them

how to defend dui cases. some lawyers maysay they wrote the book dui defense. the dedicated dui lawyers at katz and phillips have authoredor co-authored eight books on dui defense and trial skills, including training manualsused by other lawyers to learn to defend dui clients. to learn more about how the qualificationsof our team of lawyers can be put to use to defend you visit our website or call us today,thank you.

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