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– incoming state rep alex andrade, a pensacola republican and yld member is issuing an unusual challengeto fellow beginning lawyers. – [announcer] thisflorida bar tv news update is brought to you byflorida lawyers mutual insurance company. florida lawyers mutual,defending the reputations of florida attorneys since 1989. go to, to learnmore about the company

created by lawyers for lawyers. – andrade wants moreyoung lawyers to apply for service on the state’s judicialnominating commissions. not to spite their lack of experience, but because of their unique perspective. the relatively obscurebut influential jncs play an important rolein shaping the judiciary by vetting applicants tofill interim vacancies on the bench and forwarding lists

of finalists to the governor. andrade says young lawyersknow which applicants pull rank at hearings or bully them in phone conversations about cases, and they have an intimate understanding of how older attorneys willact in positions of power. andrade added that when senior attorneys treat you with respect, it’s a very good indicatorof their temperament.

and young attorneys are the only ones with that perspective. andrade says his challenge to have more young lawyers serve onjncs works both ways. he wants florida’s next governor and the florida bar board of governors to consider appointing younger people to the prestigious panels. to learn more about alex andrade,

or the judicial nominating commissions, visit – [announcer] visit, the insurance company created by the florida bar.

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