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in new york if your loved one died withouta will, can you still go forward and bring a wrongful death lawsuit? you want to learnthe answer? come join me as i share with you this great information. hi. i’m gerry oginski.i’m a new york medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer practicing law here inthe state of new york. there’s been a lot of talk recently about joan rivers, the comedian’s,untimely death. and now people are asking, if you don’t have a will and you’re ina similar situation, can you go forward and bring a lawsuit for wrongful death? the answeris yes you can. a person who has a will simply has prepared documents to say what happensto their possessions in the unlikely event they’re going to die. and when they havea will, now it’s a simple process of going

ahead hiring an attorney to go ahead and evaluatewhether or not there’s a valid case. but in a person who died without a will – withoutthose types of instructions – now there’s a simple procedure. it involves filling outa series of paperwork that goes to the surrogate’s court. that’s a specialized court that dealswith people’s estates, people who’ve died. and once we get permission to have one ofthe family members appointed as the legal representative of the estate, now we can goahead and now we’ve gotten permission (an authorization) that a legal representativefrom the estate says “mr. oginski, go ahead start evaluating. go ahead and start investigatingthe case.” and now we have legal permission and authority to start getting the medicalrecords and now to evaluate it. now if it

turns out that there is a valid basis fora case, at that point we now have the ability – legally – to go forward with a caseon behalf of the representative of the estate, typically a family member. and then we canproceed forward. so why do i share this quick information with you? i share it with youbecause there’s a lot of talk recently in the news of what happened to joan rivers,what happened with her doctor, with a throat procedure putting her into a coma as a resultof something that happened during the procedure and ultimately dying after she was removedfrom life support. and people are asking can you still bring a lawsuit for wrongful deathif you don’t have a will? you know, i realize you’re watching this because you have questionsor concerns about your own particular matter.

well if your matter did happen here in newyork and you do have legal questions, what i encourage you to do is pick up the phoneand call me. i can answer your legal questions. this is something that i do every single dayand i’d love to chat with you. you can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email at [email protected]’s it for today’s quick video. i’m gerry oginski, have a wonderful day!

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