Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Worth

we represent people that have been hit by cars or trucks while their riding their bicycle. it’s some of the worst injuries that we see for obvious reasons. and one of the big problems in these cases is

that insurance companies and their defense lawyers often will blame the bicyclist. and they’ll say well you knew that bicycle riding was dangerous. it’s very dangerous to be on a bicycle.

and we have to fight back at that because the truth is that people who ride bicycles have the right to be on the roads. and they need to be respected legally and professionally while their riding. i moved down to austin for law school in 2000.

i’ve been biking ever since. it has gotten noticeably and exponentially worse for bikers on the road in austin. the drivers here in part because its so crowded now and it part because they just don’t respect bicyclist

are causing more and more crashes. and its very important that when you bike to always wear wear a helmet. always wear a helmet and always take safety precautions and keep your eyes and ears open while

your on the road. and unfortunately even though you do everything your supposed to do you still can be in a bicycle crash. and its very important when you are in a crash to a hire a lawyer like myself to protect your interest

and get you the most compensation possible.

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