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is it ok to exaggerate yourinjuries if you’ve been involved in an accident? hi. this is d.j.banovitz, colorado personal injury and accident trial lawyerpracticing in denver, colorado. a client came in recently andsaid to me, a friend suggested that if i were to exaggerate myinjuries i would get more money for my claim – is this true? itis absolutely not true that if you exaggerate your injuries youwill get more money for your claim. why? because if youexaggerate your injuries, you seem incredible or unbelievable.why is that important? because

insurance companies – andultimately juries – are determining the nature andextent of your injuries and how they’ve affected your life. ifyou have what should be a minor injury and claim that it hasrendered you unable to work, and unable to enjoy things, unableto enjoy your life, unable to take care of yourself, and itturns out that it’s not true and you’ve been exaggerating- you’ve destroyed your credibility and you’ve destroyedyour case in the process. if you exaggerate your injuries, ajury is going to come to the

conclusion that you’replay-acting in order to get money. and the net result ofthat is going to be, even if you have legitimate injuries, a jurycan very well come back and say, sorry we don’t believe you, youget nothing for your injuries! why is this important? becauseif you have questions such as this, i have the answers. ihandle these types of cases every day. so what i want you todo is pick up the phone and call me – don’t rely on friends -call me, d.j. banovitz, at 303-300-5060 or shoot me anemail [email protected]

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