Personal Injury Lawyer Knoxville Tn

when you buy a product from a store or otherplace of business, you should expect it to be safe and operate as intended. if there are potentially dangerous consequences,the average consumer would expect to see a warning. unfortunately, large corporations do not alwayslive up to the regulations and standards set upon them to keep the public safe from hiddendangers. unsafe products enter the marketplace on adaily basis and many end up causing innocent users to suffer serious injuries. in all states, product liability laws existto hold product manufacturers and others in

the stream of commerce accountable for placingunsafe products in the marketplace. like, defective air bags, unsafe tires, ladders,and other hazardous and malfunctioning equipment. nahon, saharovich & trotz is a large, regionalpersonal injury law firm and we have represented people against large corporations for morethan 25 years. product liability cases can be asserted undera variety of legal theories including, manufacturing defects, design defects, and marketing defects,also known as a failure to warn. our firm regularly consults with experts aswe investigate cases on behalf of our clients. in a product liability case, time is almostalways of the essence and it is important to preserve physical evidence that may needto be tested at a later date.

there are also strict deadlines regardingthe date that the product entered the marketplace. please call nst law at 1-800-law-4004 or visitus online at for a free consultation of a potential product liability case andto learn about our record of success in fighting for people’s rights.

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