Personal Injury Lawyer Washington Dc

hi my name is john yannone. i’m a birth injuryattorney with price benowitz. birth injury is an injury a baby suffers during labor anddelivery. this of course is not expected, and can comeas quite a shock. when an injury occurs at birth, it could be due to medical negligence. therefore it is important to understand whatwent wrong, and whether it could have been prevented. negligence by medical professionalscan occur when there is a medical emergency and the medical professionals fail to recognizethe emergency or fail to act in the face of an emergency. it is important to contact an experiencedbirth injury lawyer who can protect your rights,

and maximize the compensation to which youare entitled. for 25 years i’ve represented the victimsof birth injury due to the negligence of medical professionals, and fought to help overcomethe initial devastation, and help put their lives back together with the financial compensationnecessary to care for their child. our experienced on staff doctor can quicklyevaluate the cause of injury and council as to the long term needs of the child. our team of lawyers have the medical and legalknowledge necessary to fight against the insurance companies for the doctors and nurses. andour dedicated legal team approaches every case with the passion to fight for those whocannot fight for themselves.

you need answers. you deserve answers.

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