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my name is erin ralston, and i’m a veterans benefits attorney with goodman allen donnelly. our next pro bono legal clinic for veterans will be held on monday, july 17, 2017 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at uva law school in charlottesville our free clinics are a great opportunity for central virginia veterans to sit down with an experienced attorney to discuss va benefits. we have partnered with the uva law school and the uva women’s center to hold this clinic. interns from uva will join lawyers from our firm to help veterans with their benefits questions. we ask that veterans pre-register for the clinic you may pre-register either by calling (434)817-2189 or visiting the women’s center website: — and go to their "legal clinics" tab.

pre-registering guarantees a time slot for you, and we can also give you information about the type of paperwork you will need to bring. gathering the information ahead of time will help us know more about your military service, and will also let the veteran know what paperwork to bring. so that the attorney will understand about your military service and what type of claim you may be interested in filing, or have filed already. if the veteran hasn’t filed a claim for benefits, the clinic is an opportunity to sit down with an experienced attorney to review, one-on-one, the types of benefits that are available, and we can talk about ways to ensure that the veteran is eligible, and what steps the veteran can take when they file their claim. we talk with veterans about developing the evidence to support their claim whether it’s obtaining medical records or getting an opinion from a doctor,

and we can talk with the veteran about the type of evidence that will be needed to support their claim. if the veteran has already filed a claim, we’d like to see a copy of the decision from the va. so that we can see why the va denied the claim, and talk about the steps to appeal that decision. and assess the information that will need to be gathered to support the appeal. the clinic is a great opportunity to talk with an experienced attorney who has volunteered their time to help veterans with their benefits. the attorneys in our practice group are dedicated to veterans benefits, and we look forward to talking with you to see how we might help in your case. pre-register by calling (434) 817-2189 or visit and go to the "legal clinics" tab. register for your time slot, and we hope to see you soon!

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