Pro Bono Lawyers In San Diego

hello i’m attorney walt benson afterover 20 years i’ve representing clients throughout northeast ohio i resolvedthousands of criminal and traffic cases over the years everything from speedingtickets to murder cases. no one really expects to need a lawyer, but if you findyourself facing criminal or traffic charges i want you to come to my officeand tell me about your situation it’s my job to help so if you’re chargedwith a misdemeanor like petty theft drunk driving or assault i’ll represent you in municipal courtlike here in akron, barberton and here in stowe but i worked all the municipalcourts in northeast ohio.

charged with a felony! i’ll represent you in the court ofcommon pleas like here in summit county if you’re being held in jail i’ll makethe trip to you to discuss your case no one can guarantee the outcome of thecase but i guarantee to use my skills training and experience to secure thebest possible outcome for you whatever the charge wherever the court i’m hereto fight for your rights

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