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public defenders in missouriare overburdened by heavy workloads and not enough pay. apparently the state ofmissouri has defunded public defenders, which is a disasterfor anyone who is poor and is in need of an attorney. apparently someone who works forthe public defenders office decided, why don’t i go afterthe governor who took a huge part in defunding the justicesystem here in the state? taking advantage of a law thatallows them to assign any

case any member of the statebar, missouri’s chief public defender, michaelbarrett, appointed missouri gov. jay nixon as the defenseattorney of a poor client this week, citing the governor’srefusal to provide his office with the resources itneeds. here’s what barrett said, "giventhe extraordinary circumstances that compel me to entertain anyand all avenues for relief, it strikes me that i should beginwith the one attorney in the state who not only created theproblem, but is in a unique

position to address it." that michael barrett is a badass. that is out-of-the-box thinking,a great pr move, and by the way, legally he can do it. so government and, let’s go,mount up. i wonder what’s going tohappen. i love it. could you imagine thegovernor actually goes and defends a criminal?

that would be amazing. he should do it. but he won’t. but it’s put up or shut up time. are you going to give them theresources they need? or are you going to step up anddo it yourself? by the way, public defenders,you have to give them a tremendous amount of credit. they went through the hell oflaw school, they passed the

bar, and they are lawyers, butthey barely make any money, and you know, they are assignedto some pretty difficult criminals to defend in somecases. i feel like those are thelawyers who actually do it because of good reasons. yeah, and sometimes lawyers doit to get started, to be honest. and some of them are young,which gives you a sense of the disproportionate power too,because there will be rookie attorneys versus theseasoned prosecutors.

not all the time, sometimesabove defenders are veterans and are great at whatthey do. but yes, absolutely, and i hadfriends who were public defenders. the part of it is, they get alot of grief. they get almost no money, and alot of times they defend people they know are guilty,but they’ve got to do their best on that. and then they get griefafterwards.

but that’s how our system is setup, everybody needs an attorney. and for the people to step upand do it, they should be thanked by the rest of us. you know who was a reallyinteresting and very successful public defender, in a way? was john adams. before he was part of therevolution he actually defended british soldierswho defend ã± who killed american citizens inboston.

that was a deeply unpopularposition, because the people in that area were furiouswith the british soldiers. but john adams stepped up, didthe right thing, defended those soldiers, and thenturned around and started a revolution against thegovernment. that’s a bad ass, that’s apublic defender.

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