Ravi Batra Lawyer

so what happened last night? that night after the accident… i was quite injured. can you please help me?my car met with an accident. i really need your help. i am sorry.please go elsewhere. please, can i make one phone call? just one call, okay. my husband, shekhar,often returned late from work.

i was alone at home. sir, this is a very high-profile case. this is vikram sethi. he’s facing double-murder charges. first, his wife katherine sethi. and the second,this lawyer shekhar sinha. why did you kill shekhar? i didn’t kill shekhar. why do you thinkvikram killed shekhar?

someone who can kill his wife… …won’t hesitate to kill a stranger. i didn’t have any reasonto be aggressive… …in fact she was very friendly. i didn’t have a drinkwith vikram willingly. "please close the door!" please come and showus how to shut it? sir, i’ve been trying to tellyou that i didn’t kill shekhar… you…have been saying a lotof things… but, none of it is true.

what is wrong with you guys? i’ve been trying to tellyou the table was broken… …his wallet was there…- hey boy… keep the volume down… …otherwise we haveways to do that for you. i just feel there arethree sides to this story. vikram’s…maya’s…and the truth. and we have to find the truth. you have no interestin knowing the truth.

sir, that night someoneelse was also there.

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