Real Estate Lawyer Seattle

as an estate planning attorney, i think whatis most important is that the attorney understand the client’s wishes: what does the clientwant, to whom does the client wish to leave their estate? joe tock’s office was very thorough.they gave us a list of everything that we needed to give them and they were very patientwith us getting the information together. your will is a very important document, butif there’s a small business involved, you really have to integrate all of the documentsso that you have a game plan, so that our clients know that they have the confidencewhen something happens that their affairs are in order. we were involved in anotherestate account which they also helped us with to make sure that that got pushed throughquicker and that things moved along. his thoroughness

in everything that he did was, to me theydid a very good job and were very quick with it. let more than 30 years of trial experiencework for you. law offices of joseph j. tock, your estate planning attorney, serving yorktown,new york.

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