Retainer Fee Lawyer

nothing drives me more crazy professionallyand personally than someone’s attorney fee bill getting higher than necessary. a couple quick tips on keeping attorney feesdown are: to send a single communication rather than multiple communications. oftentimes if we’re in the office, we’llbe working on one task, one job, one motion, whatever, if we have to take, say, six individualphone calls from a client, that same client in one day, we’re happy to take a call butit’s going to interrupt something else, we’ll have to bill for that telephone call. when if it was a single communication ratherthan six spread out, it would have resulted

in a net, smaller charge to the client. beyond that, be organized. there’s a requirement to do financial disclosures. we’re happy to help organize those but candidly,if you can provide us something that is more organized and easier to go through, it willcost you less in fees than having us take care of it. for more information, please check us outon the internet at

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