Seattle Dui Lawyers

well the one thing that everybody knowsabout dui’s in the state of washington is they are expensive. it’s certainlygoing to depend on the facts of your case individually but they’re going tocost probably several thousand dollars to say the least so it’s going to startwith whether or not you need to hire a private attorney some people might beappointed public defenders by the court which would be at no cost to them but ifyou cannot qualify for a public defender you will need to hire a private attorneylike i say callahan law other things to be taken into consideration as far asthe dui is concerned is the fines that the court could impose upon you thesefines can range from $300 a few hundred

dollars all the way up to the maximumallowed by law which is $5,000 dollars one other things that every casewill require is a drug and alcohol evaluation to be completed theevaluations ranged in the nature of about a hundred fifty dollars maybe alittle less maybe a little more depending on where you go and then youwill need to complete any follow-up treatment which is going to be anotherexpense so certainly there are a lot of expenses to take into consideration ifyou find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance but we can certainly helpnavigate all these things with you at callahan law.

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