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let’s talk about two common injuries fromcar accidents. i’m steve kramer. i’m a car accident and injury attorney in the stateof florida. there are two injuries that a lot of people don’t understand that are verycommon from car accidents. the first injury is herniated or bulging discs. and the wayi think of them is these discs are what rest in your spine between your vertebrae and it’skind of like a little disc. and what happens is when you’re injured sometimes these discsare like a jelly doughnut. they get squeezed the wrong way and the jelly from the doughnutkind of leaks out and it can put pressure on the spinal cord. it can cause pain. itcan cause what are called radicular symptoms, where you might feel pain, tingling, numbness,shooting pain down your arms or legs and it

can cause some real serious problems. anda lot of people wind up having spinal surgery, spinal fusion discectomies because of thesesorts of injuries. and they’re very common in car accidents. and another injury thatis common in car accidents and really wasn’t getting spotted and recognized until a lotmore recently and a lot of people are becoming more aware of them are brain injuries. andwhat we’re talking about are concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries and traumaticbrain injuries overall. and as a society, we’ve gotten better at recognizing brain injuryand recognizing even a minimal injury can have lifelong impact on a person and can reallychange the course of your life. and you know, a lot of that is coming out of our studiesthrough the nfl and through sports injuries.

but even a mild concussion can cause long-termside effects. you know, i had a client who was overlooked by everybody before he reallysat down and he actually wound up in front of me. and then once we were working together,i made sure we got him to the right neurologist. you know, did the proper diagnostic tools(mri and brain scans). and as a result, we were able to identify that he had a traumaticbrain injury. and it changed his case from really small, minor settlement to a case thatwas worth, you know, millions of dollars purely as a result of catching an injury that otherpeople really hadn’t paid attention to. making sure he got the best medical treatment andmaking sure he had the best quality legal representation. so it’s important to be awareof these two very common injuries, and i’m

telling you this because a lot of people don’tunderstand about these types of injuries and i deal with this stuff every day. if you’vegot any questions about injuries from auto accidents or anything else, call me any time.thanks for watching, i’m steve kramer.

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