She Hulk Lawyer

>> andi dorfman, remember from "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." harvey: she’s the prosecutor. >> yeah, the district attorney in atlanta. quit her job there. now it’s basically she’s like a model.

harvey: didn’t she like send a letter to the d.a. said i’m begging you, let me have my job back at some point? >> she said, i’m not a fame whore for tv. i want my job back. >> that was a long time ago. that before "the bachelorette,"

wasn’t it? harvey: she probably has $160,000 in student loans. i’m pulling that out of the air. >> that’s about right. >> what’s a better paying career, the district attorney or reality star/model? harvey: what’s more stable?

being a district attorney. >> she only made $50,000 to appear on "the bachelorette." $50,000. put your life on hold three months. >> but can you put a price on love? [laughter]

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