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in south carolina is it legal to havealcohol in a motor vehicle, while driving or riding in the vehicle? i’d like to answer that question for youtoday. my name is david aylor, and i’m a criminal defense and personal injury attorney in the charleston, south carolina area. first and foremost, it’s completely illegal for the driver of a vehicle to be drinking

and or possessing an open container of alcohol in thevehicle, while the car is moving. beyond that, it’s also illegal for any ofthe passengers in the vehicle to have an open container of alcohol, whether they’re carrying, or actually imbibing the drink in itself. furthermore,

it’s also illegal to carry any kind ofalcohol in other types of containers, such as a thermos or a cup, or a squeeze bottle mixed with other thingslike a juice, or any other alcoholic related mixtures. and finally, alcohol such as liquor, liqueurs, or wine,

that is in its original bottle orcontainer and the seal has been broken is also considered illegal, when in a motor vehicle in the state ofsouth carolina. i share with you this information so that you can gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the criminal justicesystem here in state of south carolina. if you like this, please subscribe to myyoutube channel, post comments below, or share with your friends. for any further questions related tocriminal-defense or personal injury

please contact my office at 843-577-5530 or on the web at www.davidaylor.comthanks for watching!

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