Texas Lawyers For Texas Veterans

i’m callie dodson; i am a 3l and a partof the family law and benefits clinic. i’ve gained valuable experience workingin the clinic, so much so that i decided to stay for a second semester. i’ve hadthe opportunity to draft all of my own pleadings, to work with clients directly,and to be in front of a judge several times. at first it’s a littlenerve-racking to be in front of a judge, but i felt extremely supported by mysupervisor. the more i had the chance to do so, i felt morecomfortable. i would draft all of my prove up questions and all of thepleadings and my supervisor would check them and make sure i was on the righttrack. but i felt like i was completely

in control of the situation. i reallyfelt that it was almost like a trial period of being a lawyer. absolutely.i mean the clinic is a full-functioning law firm. we have a secretarywho works for us. there are several lawyers that work there. i meanour clients are real cases and real people that that need help. to be a part of an organization that’s able to help so many people wasreally close to my heart. i would recommend the law clinic experience toabsolutely anybody who wants to be a practicing lawyer. for me personally, ialways wanted to do family law and i knew that meant that i was going to havea lot of face time with judges and

clinic has afforded me the opportunityto take a case from start to finish and to be in front of these judges and tobuild relationships with these judges and so when i do have my own casesomeday it won’t be my first time. i really cannot imagine going into a legaljob and family law without having my clinic experience. it has been sovaluable to work under an amazing supervisor and to have the chance to bein front of a judge and handle everything on my own under the guidanceof somebody that i trust.

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