The Pure In Heart Need No Lawyers

he was despisedand rejected of men. a man of sorrows,acquainted with grief. he was wounded forour transgressions. he was bruisedfor our sins. behold the lamb of god, whotaketh away the sin of the world! and if i let him,if i love him, -if i follow him,-he can take away my sins -my sorrows-my pain forgive my past.

as in adam all die, even soin christ shall all be made alive. my father and my mother my sister -my grandparents-my family. they all shall be made alive. in jesus christ, i havefound new life. i have found new life. -hallelujah!-hallelujah!

hallelujah! -king of kings!-lord of lords! friend of friends! and he shall reign forever. and he shall reign foreverand ever. hallelujah.

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