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we got lionel richie on the "tmz" celebrity tour. so i asked him what he was up to today. you always ask me, i just came from the dentist and everything goes sideway. only you. great to see you.

great to see you too. one day i go to the dentist. you know, we can congratulate derrick, he brushed his teeth for the first time last night, in like three years. derrick doesn’t brush his teeth at night. .

whoa, whoa! derrick is not a nighttime brusher. he’s only a daytime brusher. the nighttime brush doesn’t make sense. what? what’s the first thing you do in the morning?

you brush your clean teeth. i brush my dirty teeth. you don’t floss? no, he never flosses. oh, my god! so this cannot be a thing, i went to the dentist and i talked about how much i love it because your mouth feels so good after

the dentist. and he’s like i hate it, there’s so much blood. [laughter] every time i go, it’s like a 12-round fight with the dentist. you’re disgusting! lionel richie, thank you so much for your time.

love you guys. love you too. bye-bye.

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