Tucson Criminal Lawyer

the criminal defense attorneys at piccarretadavis in tucson are dedicated to providing aggressive representation of individuals andcorporations charged with criminal offenses. for over 30 years the firm has representeddefendants at all levels of federal and state proceedings. our dedication and commitment to the defenseof our clients has earned our section the reputation as a preeminent criminal defensefirm in arizona. the criminal defense section consists of michaelpiccarreta, jefferson keenan, and louis fidel. we employ a team concept which involves multiplelawyers and legal assistants working on each case.

the section has extensive experience representingindividuals and corporations in a wide variety of proceedings. we regularly address corporates crimes includingsecurities violations, fraud, environmental matters, white collar crime, and liquor codeproceedings. our experience also includes individuals chargedwith crimes such as conspiracy, racketeering, drug trafficking, money laundering, vehicularhomicide, and first degree murder. the criminal defense attorneys at piccarretadavis in tucson are proactive in the early stages of federal and state criminal investigations. our aggressive nature frequently results inavoiding the initial filing of charges, adverse

publicity, and costs which accompany unsubstantiatedallegations.

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