Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyers

hi. i’m connie merwine and iwant to talk to you about our great seminar that we haveavailable for people getting divorced in pennsylvania. it’scalled the second saturday seminar, it’s available forwomen only and we are holding it the second saturday of eachmonth. it’s in conjunction with women’s resources of monroecounty, as well as, a therapist who’s coming to talk to youabout issues that you face in divorce, with regards to yourchildren and your financial issues as well. we’d like youto check the seminar tab and

register for our second saturdayseminar as soon as possible so that we can reserve your the seminar you will receive valuable information includingour seminar book, which has information not only from myselfand our law firm with regards to legal issues but also therapyinformation, as well as, domestic violence informationavailable for you. so take that first step and come out and meetus and join other women who are in similar situations likeyourself. find out what you need to know.thank you.

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