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this is attorney brian riley with zanes lawand in this video today i want to talk to you about recovering or getting paid backfor the time you’ve missed from work because of your injury. here at zanes law, we call these lost wages. i want to give you two quick examples of whatlost wage may be just so you have a good understanding of what you may be able to recover as partof your injury case. the first example is fairly simple, so letssay that you’re in an auto accident or that you’re rear ended in your car on the way towork. of course you’re dealing with your car situation,you’re also injured, you may go to the hospital,

you may go to urgent care, your doctor mayrecommend you take the rest of the day off to rest and recover. of course this is a day we want to make surethat we recover for you as part of your lost wages claim since you were not able to goto work that day and be paid for that. another example may be, you’re in the middleof your treatment and in order for you to get to your treatment you need to take anhour or so off of work so you can get to your apportionment at 4:30pm. that’s also another example of time missedfrom work that we also want to make sure that we recover for you as part of your injurycase.

the three most important things you need todo in order to help us recover for you on your lost wages is to basically obtain threedocuments. the first one is the most important- get adoctor’s note explaining why you’re not able to attend work or why you have to miss workfor that particular amount of time. that is very important and definitely requiredand necessary to make sure that we get you compensated for that time missed from work. the second document would basically be a signaturefrom your supervisor verifying the time you actually missed from work. we have a lost wages form and it’s actuallyin a downloadable link below this video.

you can download the form, it’s very simple,basically you write in the amount you are paid per hour and the amount of time you missedfrom work and you would take this to your supervisor or you human resources departmentto have them verify that that you in fact did miss that time from work. the third thing that is very helpful for yourlost wage claim is your pay-stubs showing that you were not paid as much as your shouldhave been paid in that pay period. here at zanes law, we have a verificationof lost wage form, it’s in the link below. you can certainly download it and if you needany help with it, feel free to contact either your attorney or your case manager and theywill be happy to help.

thank you so much.

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