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– here with john kelly. john is a personal injurylawyer in phoenix, arizona. he’s agreed to answer anonline question that was posted related to car accidents and getting paid for yourinjuries after a car accident. so with that said, thisquestion was from barbara. barbara says, "i wasinjured in an auto accident, i know it was theother person’s fault, but for now i’m stuck payinga lot of medical bills.

my case hasn’t even beenfiled yet so how are these going to get paid?" – well, barbara’squestion is a common one. with a personal injury claim, especially if theinjuries are bad, hospital bills, follow-uptreatment, surgical treatment, any other kind of physicaltherapy, all that stuff, those bills start adding up. and they can be reallyhigh for individuals

and the medical proprietorswant to bill the patients. so in my practice, whati’ve made sure that i do, is i contact themedical care providers and let them knowthat my clients have personal injury claim, i let them know that i’mgoing to be pursuing it, and getting them a settlement, and should be able totake care of their bills with the settlement.

it’s your attorney’s jobto handle all the leans which are theinterest that these medical care providershave in your case. so your attorney should beaggressive in making sure the medical care providersare understanding that they do notneed to bill you. now, your health insuranceshould pay for some of that, if you have health insurance. but you may still bestuck with co-pays,

and small payments that youhave to certain providers. i encourage clients totry to pay for some of those if they can, and just keep trackof those and we can try to get that recoup through the settlement when that’s done. realize that once thiscase is to the point where you’re going to be settling it, you’re attorney’s got tocontact all the hospitals,

all your medical care providers, and make sure theyresolve all the leans that are against you sothat when that’s settled, all those billsget taken care of and you don’t have to worryabout paying anyone else off. it’s something thatmy practice works on very aggressively to makesure that the clients can just focus on gettingbetter and treating, and not having to worryabout a mountain of bills

that are piling upbecause of their case. – excellent. well if you have anyother questions for john just post them in thecomment section down below, he’s agreed to answeryour questions. thanks, john. – yeah, i’m happy to talk toanyone about these issues, you can call me hereat kelly law team. my phone number is 602-283-4122.

– thanks.

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