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i’m fortunate to have begun mediating andarbitrating at a very young age. more than 25 years ago, i started with a veryunusual employment case in ketchikan, alaska by lucky accident.since then, i’ve mediated or arbitrated nearly 4000 cases.i do it full time. i mediate virtually every possible kind ofcivil case, from business commercial, personal injury, professional negligence, environmental,insurance coverage, real estate, employment, intellectual property, estate law and familylaw. it’s hard for me to really think about a categoricalkind of mediation that i haven’t done. mediation is almost always better for theparties than trial.

it has the potential and reality of bringinga dispute to an end within the control of the party in a private setting where theymake self-determined decisions with the assistance of a neutral, such as me.trial, on the other hand, presents great delay, great expense and great uncertainty in termsof the outcome.

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