What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do

my name is mary keyork i’m an immigrationlawyer i’ve been practicing law since 2009 i’m born in canada my background isarmenian, my great-grandparents endured the armenian genocide in 1915 and myparents and my grandparents immigrated to canada in the 70s i have always beenreally interested in meeting people from different cultures but mostly to assistnewcomers settle and immigrate into canada what are the benefits of hiringan immigration lawyer. there are six points to discuss: experience, knowledgestrategies, avoiding mistakes, professional advice, and instructions.hiring an immigration lawyer who has experience will provide clients with aspecific level of expertise and accurate

recommendations lawyers providestrategies developed over years of practice and also deal and communicatewith officers and immigration on a daily basis this provides them legal knowledgein order to handle and submit immigration application lawyers prepareand submit instructions to clients each set of instructions is preparedspecifically for the clients file this is very different than the minimumrequirements which can be found on the immigration websites therefore workingwith an immigration lawyer avoids mistakes which can cause delays, refusals,loss of money, and energy especially given that immigration rules andregulations are always changing

professional advice should always betaken when dealing with complex integration matters such as criminality,financial, medical and misrepresentation if you have an immigration question or acomplex matter don’t hesitate to contact us see you next time!

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