Will And Trust Lawyer

i’m attorney donald sienkiewicz of theestate preservation & planning law office in amherst, new hampshire. there are threemain obstacles to parents of young children getting their trust and wills done:(1) cost, (2) inconvenience, and (3) the belief that you’re not going to die anytime soon. i can’t give you the odds of someone hitting you while texting anddriving, but i can help you get your trust and wills done, in one evening, ata reasonable cost – so your spouse and children will be protectedin case something happens to you. you start by providing information to me soi can prepare your trust and wills. a few weeks later, you get a babysitter andcome to my office on a weekday evening

where i’ll walk you through the basicsof trust planning, and the documents i’ve prepared for you; answer your questions;and have you sign your trust and wills. it’s that simple -and if you’re not happy, i’ll give you your money back on the spot. click on thelink in the comments section below this video to get started. thanks!

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