Wills Lawyer

are wills open to the public? you bet theyare. now wills are public documents. once somebody dies, the will is filed for probate.anything filed at the courthouse, almost everything filed at the courthouse, is going to be anopen document. an open record. it’s public for a couple of reasons. first, foremost,and this may surprise you to hear, but creditors want to know. people often die owing money.i would say most people die owing money to somebody. whether it’s mastercard or visa,or a car loan or a house loan or something like that. the will gets filed, and usuallythe will is followed up by a filing of a lot of personal information regarding the deceased’sassets. so again creditors can get an idea of what the deceased owned when the deceasedpassed away. some states do that part differently,

but if it’s an open record, and it will be,then it will be published. and in some places, where i practice, austin, texas, they takethe deceased’s will and the deceased’s asset list, and they put it on the internet. andthe reason they put it on the internet is not to be cruel or unusual to the family ofthe deceased, it’s cheaper for the county to do that. it’s cheaper because any lawyeranywhere can access that information. any creditor anywhere can access that information.the problem is, any predator anywhere can access that information too. so wills arevery open to the public, and frankly that’s one of the big problems with them.

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